Detección, despistaje e intervención de alteraciones del neurodesarrollo de menores con cardiopatías congénitas al nacimiento

Supervised by:
  1. Susana Ares Segura Director
  2. Belén Sáenz Rico de Santiago Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 22 April 2022

  1. Domingo A. García Villamisar Chair
  2. Chantal Biencinto López Secretary
  3. Cecilia Ruiz Esteban Committee member
  4. María Teresa López Soto Committee member
  5. Pedro Jurado de los Santos Committee member

Type: Thesis


Congenital heart diseases are chronicle, which are present in the foetus and/or the newborn, and correspond to one of the main causes of infant mortality in Spain (Pérez-Lescure et al., 2018). In recent decades, some progress has been made, which contributed to reducing its incidence. This made it possible to monitor these infants’ long-term development (Huisenga et al., 2020) to identify morbidities and comorbidities in their growth (Kirshbom et al., 2005; Martínez-Biarge et al., 2013; Walker et al., 2012).Scientific literature suggests that these may present developmental slowdowns (Hallioglu et al., 2015; Fourdain et al., 2019; Matsuzaki et al., 2010; Ribeiro et al., 2020). Nevertheless, there are no national studies that address this problem taking into account the three areas of development (cognitive, language and psychomotor) together. Moreover, they do not present a significant sample size in order to be able to give an educational response to the needs of this population group...