Department: Estadística e Investigación Operativa

Faculty: Ciencias Matemáticas

Centre/Institute: Instituto de Matemática Interdisciplinar (IMI)

Area: Statistics and Operations Research

Research group: Modelos de decisión en logística y gestión de desastres (Logística humanitaria)


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos with the thesis The collision avoidance problem Methods and algorithms 2010. Supervised by Dr. Laureano Fernando Escudero Bueno, Dr. Antonio Alonso Ayuso.

F. Javier Martín-Campo defended his PhD thesis in 2010. The PhD thesis was related with a Project with the Company GMV Aerospace and Defence S.A. That Project was part of the aviation Project named ATLANTIDA, funded by the Spanish Industry Ministry, made by a consortium of 15 companies and many Public Research Agencies and Universities. The Project was also led by Boeing Research Technology Europe. The PhD thesis faced the aircraft conflict resolution problem by performing horizontal and vertical manoeuvres. Besides this line of research, Martín-Campo works in a research team at Complutense University of Madrid, Decision Aid Models and Disaster Management (Humanitarian Logistics). The main topic of the research is humanitarian logistics. Within that broad field, different optimization models have been studied. On the one hand, models to deal with the humanitarian aid distribution problem and, on the other hand, models to design maintenance structures for rural electrification programs in remote areas where there is no grid. Currently, Martín-Campo is working with different mathematical models in the Spanish Industry: delocation models, cutting stock problems, production... During his career, Martín-Campo has been involved in projects in general knowledge and transfer of knowledge, specifically in cooperation projects including different visits to Universidad de El Salvador and Universidade Pedagógica de Moçambique. Martín-Campo has also visited Brunel University (UK), the Mathematical Institute, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art (Serbia) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (Australia).