Department: Estudios Educativos

Faculty: Educación-Centro Formación Profesor

Area: Didactics and School Organisation

Research group: INDUCT. Inclusión, diversidades, diseño universal para el aprendizaje, currículum y tecnología


Dr. Melani Penna Tosso- Complutense University of Madrid- Spain. She is currently a PhD Contracted Professor in the Department of Educational Studies, area of Didactics and School Organization in the Faculty of Education, Teacher Training Center of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). As for her training, she has a Doctorate in Education, a degree in Psychology, a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Experimental Clinical Psychology and a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude in the specialty of Educational Guidance. Regarding teaching aspects, prior to the UCM, she has taught at CES Don Bosco, CSEU La Salle and the Technical University of Manabí in Ecuador. He has produced more than thirty teaching materials for ministries, councils, unions and institutions related to attention to diversity in the educational field and intended for the training of trainers as well as direct work with students in pre-university educational stages with special emphasis on sexual education in the stages of infant and primary education. Regarding Investigative Aspects, her doctoral thesis analyzed teacher training to address sexual diversity and levels of teacher homophobia. Her lines of research are teacher training and attention to diversity. She has participated in seven national and international research projects, six as a member, collaborator or contractor of the research team and one as Principal Investigator (PI) financed by the Ecuadorian Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. Regarding Management Aspects, she has been Coordinator of the Office of Sexual Diversity and Gender Identity of the UCM during two academic years (20-21 and 21-22) and co-director and later director of the Own Title of the Autonomous University from Madrid, Postgraduate in Early Attention for ten academic years from 2007-2008 to the 2016-2017 academic year. She is currently the director of the UCM's Own Title, an Expert in Feminist and Queer Pedagogies and a teacher of the Official Master's Degree in LGBTIQ + Studies of the UCM.