Department: Filología Clásica

Faculty: Filología

Area: Latin Philology

Research group: Textos epigráficos antiguos de la Península Ibérica y del Mediterráneo griego (TEAPIMEG)


Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis El corpus atribuido a Sisberto de Toledo estudio, historia del texto y edición crítica 2018. Supervised by Dr. Isabel Velázquez Soriano, Dr. Jacques Elfassi.

PhD (Classics); MA (Classics); BA (Classics); BA (Linguistics). I am Lecturer in Latin (Department of Classics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid). I am mostly interested in textual criticism, the stemmatic method, paleography, history of Classical Scholarship, as well as the transmission and editing of Latin and Greek literature, in particular late and christian authors.