Department: Filología Clásica

Faculty: Filología

Area: Greek Philology

Research group: Textos epigráficos antiguos de la Península Ibérica y del Mediterráneo griego (TEAPIMEG)


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis La lengua de las inscripciones métricas del Peloponeso (siglos VII- IV a.C.) 2016. Supervised by Dr. Alcorac Alonso Déniz, Dr. María Luisa del Barrio Vega.

Paloma Guijarro Ruano is Lecturer in Greek Philology. Her main interests concern Greek Language from Mycenean Greek and Ancient Greek Dialects to Modern Greek, both from a diachronic and a synchronic perspective. Her research is focused on different axes: the relationship between local dialects and literary languages, language and dialect contacts (mostly in northern Greece), onomastics and Greek lexicon on slavery.