Department: Estudios Educativos

Faculty: Educación-Centro Formación Profesor

Research group: Cultura Cívica y Políticas Educativas

Laura Camas Garrido was born in Cadiz (Spain). She received her B.A. in Primary Education (2010-2014), her M.A. in Educational Psychology (2014-2015) with honors from the University of Seville, and her M.A. in Educational Research (2016-2017) and Ph.D. in Education from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her doctoral dissertation "Play, Education and Pragmatism: From Jane Addams' Playground to Neva Boyd's Playworkers" was supervised by Dr. Jon Igelmo Zaldívar and Dr. Gonzalo Jover Olmeda. She has been a visiting doctoral student at the Faculty of Education of Queen's University (Ontario, Canada - 3 months), at the Teachers College of Columbia University (New York, United States - 9 months), and at the University of Barcelona (Spain - 2 months). She is currently teaching at several private universities in Spain. Her main lines of research focus on the intersection between education, play, aesthetic experience, democracy, and cosmopolitanism from a pragmatist perspective. Specifically from the works of Jane Addams (1860-1935) and Neva Boyd (1976-1963). She has published in journals such as the International Journal of Play, the European Journal of Pragmatism, and American Philosophy or in publishers such as Springer. Laura is also passionate about art, literature, and music. In her (short and unexpected) spare time she enjoys studying alto saxophone, reading poetry, or visiting museums and art galleries.