Diseño y evaluación de tratamientos tradicionales y novedosos para la eliminación de depósitos calcáreos en cerámica arqueológica

Supervised by:
  1. Margarita San Andrés Moya Director
  2. Marta Pérez Estébanez Director
  3. Mónica Álvarez de Buergo Ballester Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 14 December 2022

  1. Ana María Calvo Manuel Chair
  2. Ruth Chércoles Asensio Secretary
  3. Víctor J. Medina Flórez Committee member
  4. Costanza Miliani Committee member
  5. Rafael Fort González Committee member

Type: Thesis


Calcareous deposits on archaeological ceramics constitute one of the main alterations in pieces of both terrestrial and underwater origin. The treatments used for their removal have included a myriad of chemical products: from strong acids, such as hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid, chelating agents such as EDTA tetrasodium salt, sodium hexametaphosphate and, more recently, ion exchange resins. These products have been commonly applied by immersion, due to the simplicity of the method as well as its efficacy. However, indirect methods such as slurries (cellulose pulp, clays, etc.) and thickened media or physical gels (agaragar, xanthan gum, etc.) have also been implemented...