Department: Teorías y Análisis de la Comunicación

Faculty: Ciencias de la Información

Area: Audiovisual Communication and Advertising

Research group: Creación y efectos psicosociales y culturales del discurso audiovisual


Doctor by the UNED. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia with the thesis Reminiscencia motora en función de la personalidad, la motivación y la ansiedad 1986. Supervised by Dr. José Bermúdez Moreno.

PhD in Psychology from UNED and Professor of Communication Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) Director of the Department of Communication Theories and Analysis of the UCM. Director of the UCM's own Master's Degree in Communication and Health for 5 years. Currently director of the Master's Degree in Advertising Management at UCM Wunderman Thompson and also of the Master's Degree in Television Management at UCM Telemadrid. Co-director of the UCM Journal Communication and Health and of the UCM Journal Pensar la Publicidad. Former President of INICyS (International Institute of Communication and Health) Director of the UCM Abbvie Chair of Communication and Health, of the ONCE UCM Chair and of the Shopperlab UCM Camporfrío Chair. Founder and Director of the Neurocommunication Laboratory of the TAC Department of the UCM. Member of the Spanish Council on drug addiction and other addictions. Former Advertising Director of Citroën Hispania. Author and/or co-author of 11 academic books in SPI editorials. Author of 38 articles in impact magazines. He has presented more than 40 papers at international conferences. Director of the consolidated research group of the UCM "Creation and psychosocial and cultural effects of audiovisual discourse". He has been IP of 2 MINECO and 2 CAM projects. IP of 25 investigations type "art. 83". Four periods of research validated.