Department: Filología Alemana y Filología Eslava

Faculty: Filología

Area: Slavic Philology

Research group: Estudios rusos complutenses: lengua, literatura, cultura, religión, política y sociedad


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Granada with the thesis Estudio comparado de partículas modales en ruso y español 2008. Supervised by Dr. Enrique F. Quero Gervilla.

Doctor by the Università di Bologna with the thesis La trasmissione in russo delle specificità culturali spagnole nelle traduzioni di Don Chisciotte di K. P. Masal'skij e N. M. Ljubimov 2008. Supervised by Dr. Kamilla Danilcenko.

Enrique J. Vercher García (Granada, 1978) has been a Lecturer at the University of Granada (2004-2019) and currently works as an Assistant PhD Lecturer at the Complutense University of Madrid, researcher, translator and writer. He holds a PhD in Translation Sciences (University of Bologna) and in Slavic Philology (University of Granada, Extraordinary Doctorate Award), as well as a BA in Hispanic Philology (University of Granada), Slavic Philology (University of Granada, Extraordinary Degree Award) and in Russian as a Foreign Language (Saint Petersburg State University). He has carried out teaching and research work in Russia, Italy, UK and Spain. He has written several monographs and papers in the field of Philology and Translation. He is a member of two research groups (HUM-0417 “Investigaciones de Filología Eslava” y 970844 "Estudios Rusos Complutenses: Lengua, Literatura, Cultura, Religión, Política y Sociedad"), of the Spanish Association of Professionals of Russian Language and Culture (AEPRU) and has participated in several research projects. His main fields of Researching and Teaching are Slavic Studies, Comparative Linguistics (Russian-Spanish), Linguistic Modality and Evaluation, Translation Studies and Translation of Culturemes, Linguoculturology, Teaching of Russian Language, Multidisciplinary Teaching of Slavic Literatures, Cultural Studies, Current Russian Poetry, Literary Semiotics, and Myth Criticism.